Many people confuse soil with nutrients. In fact, soil provides structure, not the actual food itself, for plant roots. The food comes from other materials mixed in the soil, such as compost, broken-down plant waste or added fertilizers. Plants grown hydroponically can actually grow faster and healthier than plants in soil because they don’t have to fight soil borne diseases nor do they have to force their way through the soil; in addition, all the food and water they need are given directly to their roots around the clock.

All Seasons Garden Centre has nutrients for hydroponic, soil-less, and good old dirt gardening. We stock all the popular brands of nutrients and supplements, as well as our own Wild Thing system.


  • Solid

    • Seasoil: 2.1-0.16-0.05 | 1.8-1.2-0.2
    • Worm castings
  • Powder

    • Many, see below or come into the store
  • Liquid

    • Many, see below or come into the store


  • Advanced Nutrients

  • B’Cuzz

  • Botanicare

  • Canna

  • Dyna Grow

  • General Hydroponics

  • Green Planet

  • Green planet

  • Grotex

  • Holland Secret

  • House and Garden

  • Plant Prod

    • 6-11-31
    • 7-11-27
    • 10-52-10
    • 10-30-20
    • 18-9-27
  • WiLD THiNG

    • PART A
    • PART B
    • PART M


  • Additives and supplements
  • Plant hormones
  • Vitamins
  • Flushes

For pH adjustment see pH | EC | TDS